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Protect what matters most 

Protect yourself against any situation with Creand’s insurance and coverage so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

We have insurance for every possible setback 

Choose from the options we offer and let our experts find a solution tailored to you. 

Health and temporary disability insurance 

At Creand, you will find the most comprehensive health and temporary disability cover on the market, suited to your needs and situation. 

Creand Piam

Health insurance that covers up to 100% of your real medical expenses. 

Creand Health Plus 

Individual or family health insurance that covers the portion of the expenses generated by medical acts and operations not reimbursed by the CASS, with or without the Via Preferent, up to a maximum of 100% of the CASS rate. 

Creand Health 

Health insurance that covers the portion of the expenses generated by medical acts or operations not reimbursed by the CASS, with the Via Preferent, up to a maximum of 100% of the CASS rate. 

Creand Hospitalisation 

We cover hospitalisation and surgery expenses up to 100% of the CASS rate. 

Creand Temporary Disability 

The Creand life insurance that includes a supplement for sick leave, for those days when you cannot work due to an accident or illness. 

Creand Worldwide Assistance  

For those who want to obtain passive residence and need to prove that they have sickness and disability cover. 

Creand Assistance Plus   

Healthcare assistance for passive residents that reimburses medical expenses in Andorra. 

Health insurance comparison table 

Do you want to know which insurance is best suited to you? 

Use our insurance comparison table to find out what Creand can offer you. 

Discover all the products we work with and get useful information for you. Our team of experts will answer all your questions. 


If you wish to cancel an insurance policy, you must do so within the withdrawal period of 30 days from the start of the policy or up to the end of the month. 

You can view your invoices through online banking, in the “correspondence” section, or you can speak to your branch or account manager. 

If you need to modify the account of an insurance invoice, you must contact your usual manager or call customer service on (+376) 889119. 

To process the payment of your medical bills, you can do so by scanning the receipts and sending them by email to: or through the “one-click processes” section on

When a health insurance policy includes waiting periods, it means that you will have to wait for a certain period of time after you start enjoying the benefits of the policy to be able to access certain guarantees. Companies establish this period to protect themselves from those customers who only want to register in order to resolve a medical complaint or need and, once it is resolved, they cancel their subscription.

However, each company sets the conditions for defining what the waiting period is, as they may vary according to their guarantee. Similarly, another reason why insurers include waiting periods in their health insurance is to avoid clients wanting to be treated for an illness that already exists at the time they take out the policy.