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TEENS creand

Are your children aged between 12 and 17?

Discover everything we have to offer them

Are you thinking about giving MORE to your children?

Teens Creand offers you access to a world of products to suit their needs, so they can start managing their finances autonomously and securely. 

Give them as much free rein as you like, always with the option to keep an eye on everything they do from your app and many more!

Enjoy Teens Creand together!

Teens Card

The card of their dreams. A debit card linked to the Teens Account, which they can use until they come of age (when the child turns 16, the card can be replaced with the Carnet Jove 16PUNT30). The Teens Card can be used to make physical and online purchases and cash withdrawals on debit, and you will always get an instant notification for every transaction.



Limits Teens

Teens Limits

With a reduced limit of €300 per day and per month

Salary Min


Zero fees at cash machines outside Andorra (some cash machines may charge their own fees for use)

Teens Online Banking

A new world at their fingertips with all the security you need:

Daily Operational


They can consult their transactions and the balance of their Teens Account.



You can instantly keep an eye on the payments they make with the card or through Bizum, if they have it.



Only information on the Teens Account is shown. No access to the child’s other accounts or savings.



Download the Creand Online Banking app.

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To open a Teens Account, the minor must be between 12 and 17 years old. 

If you are not yet Creand Crèdit Andorrà customers, both the minor and their legal guardian(s) will need to go into a bank branch with the following documents:

  • Passport or ID card of the legal guardian(s)
  • Passport or ID card of the minor

If the minor and their legal guardian are already bank customers, the legal guardian can open a Teens Account by calling Customer Service (+376 888 888).

In any case, both the minor and their legal guardian will need to have a mobile phone number.

The Teens Account holder is the minor.

The account is designed to help minors learn to manage their money and aims to respond to their day-to-day needs. The transactions available for a Teens Account are therefore transfers, payments and deposits. No other transactions are permitted in this type of account.  

The following products can be linked to a Teens Account: Online Banking for Teens, Teens Card and Bizum for Teens. For young people under the age of 16, the Teens Card can instead by replaced by a Carnet Jove 16PUNT30 youth card. 

In Online Banking for Teens, the minor can view any transactions in their Teens Account and access Bizum for Teens, allowing them to send and receive money provided that this service has been contracted by their legal guardian. 

The minor is the Teens Card holder.

The standard Teens Card limits are €300 a day and a month. The legal guardian can increase the card limit.

Yes, the Teens Card comes with travel insurance. You can find all the details here.

Between individuals and payments to online businesses: 

  • Maximum amount per transaction: €50 
    • Minimum amount per transaction:
      • Between individuals: €0.50 
      • To online businesses: €0.01 
    • Maximum money out: 
      • Per day: €200 
      • Per month: €500 
    • Maximum money in: 
      • Per day: €200 
      • Per month: €500 
    • Maximum number of transactions received per month: 60 
    • Maximum payment requests sent per month: 60 

Only the minor’s legal guardian can open and close any of the Teens products: Teens Account, Online Banking for Teens, Teens Card and Bizum for Teens. 

Notifications can be activated automatically both by the minor and their legal guardian. Notifications will be received on their respective mobile phones. 

For the Teens Card, notifications will be received every time a payment is made in a physical or online shop, as well as whenever cash is taken out at a cash machine inside or outside of Andorra. 

The main aim of these notifications is to inform the minor and their legal guardian of the transaction and it is therefore not possible to stop such notifications.

Using the contract number shown on the contract you signed and the PIN you received by text message, simply select the “ACTIVATE SERVICE” option on the home screen for the sesion in question.

If you need any help, please call our telephone assistance line on +376 88 88 88

If you have contracted the Bizum service, the minor must access the Bizum option within the Online Banking platform and activate it. Until this has been done, the Bizum service will remain disabled and the minor will not be able to send or receive money via Bizum.

If you wish to disable the Bizum service, the minor’s parent or guardian must call the telephone assistance line on +376 88 88 88

Yes, the card limits can be changed at any of our branches or by calling our telephone assistance line on +376 88 88 88.

The parent or guardian must go to one of our branches and request the PIN. 

If the card is lost or stolen, the parent or guardian can visit any of our branches or call our telephone assistance line on +376 88 88 88 and ask for it to be blocked.