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Your bank, wherever and whenever you need it 

Discover everything Creand Online Banking has to offer. 

Manage your finances easily

Sign up to Creand Online Banking and download our app to carry out your day-to-day operations and keep track of your investments from your mobile. 


View your account and card transactions 


Make national and international transfers 


Manage your bills 

Wallet Money

Keep your investment products up to date with My Portfolio 


Access all the information on markets with eBroker 

Download the Creand Banca Online app


The Creand Cybercard is a free pre-payment card that lets you make purchases online from any device and with total security. 

Want to forget about cash and cards? 

With the new Creand Wallet service, you can pay directly with your mobile phone as if it were one of your cards. It’s that easy! 

Download the Creand Wallet app

App available for devices with Android 4.4 or later with NFC technology. 

Make your money work for you with our digital investment solutions 

eBroker: Invest easily with a user-friendly and intuitive platform.  

From your Creand Online Banking app, you can make your money work for you through equities and investment funds. 

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Indices and prices 

View the major indices and the prices of the stocks that comprise them. 

Stock Market

Over 500 securities

Invest in over 500 Spanish, European and US securities. 


Advanced orders

Buy and sell with advanced orders: simple, limit, stop loss, etc. 

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List organization

Order the lists of securities that make up each index by the percentage increase or decrease or volume traded, so you can always keep track of the ones that are rising and falling the most, nationally and internationally. 

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Lists of funds and securities 

Create lists of your favourite funds and stocks, to keep an eye on the securities you follow, so you don’t miss out on investment opportunities. 


Specialized tools

All the information with technical and fundamental analysis from our specialists, as well as the latest market news. 

Merkaat: Your digital investment advisor

With buy and sell recommendations for funds to help you make the most of your capital in a personalised way.  

Open Architecture

Open architecture

We carefully select the most suitable funds for your portfolio taking into account our best criteria and analysing all types of managers. 

Funds Boutique

Boutique funds

Our proposition is exclusive: we offer you a wide variety of unique funds, with outstanding quality management.  

Personalized Proposals

Personalised proposals 

We give you buy and sell recommendations adapted to your investment profile and needs. 


Human touch

We combine the best of technology and people because we know that a close and personal touch is still important to you. 

Download the Merkaat app and discover its advantages 

Want to know how to operate online risk-free? 

Keep our recommendations in mind. 

We solve your doubts

To access online banking, you must be a Creand customer in order to have a complementary channel contract. To request it, you will have to contact your usual manager or you can call our customer service (+376) 88 88 88 88.

To access online banking you have to enter your reference number and PIN number. Both will be given to you when you formalize the contract.

The reference number appears at the top printed part of the complementary channels contract and the PIN number will be issued separately in full at the time of contracting.

Validating your data provides you with immediacy and convenience when carrying out transactions. Moreover, it will provide you with security, as it is a way of verifying your identity.

To validate your personal data, you need to access Online Banking and click on the “personal data” option in your profile.

You can access your bank correspondence from the “Correspondence” section of the personal area of online banking.

Here, you will find all your correspondence documents sorted by date of receipt (from the newest to the oldest). Clicking on the documents will open the corresponding PDF.

At Creand we offer you a wide network of channels such as branches, online banking, telephone customer service and cashiers to manage all your operations. View operations table

Thanks to this new technology, users of Creand Contactless cards save time and gain in convenience and security. It allows you to buy by holding the card up to the terminal of the point of sale (POS/dataphones) Contactless of the commercial establishment.

At Creand we are aware of the need to guarantee security in the use of our customers’ cards, as well as in e-commerce.

Consequently, Creand Visa and Mastercard cards now have the Secure eCommerce service, a free authentication system that will allow you to shop online more securely and avoid possible fraud at merchants adhering to the Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code payment systems. In the event of an attempt of identity theft or robbery, or even if your card is stolen, activate Secure eCommerce on your cards.

You can access the activation of the “Secure e-commerce service (3D Secure)” through the “Security” option in the “Targets” menu, or from the list of cards in the “My cards” section, under “Options” > “Security”.

Select the card, verify your personal data and mobile phone number and enter the corresponding coordinate of your coordinates card to complete the process. You will automatically receive an SMS message that will allow you to activate the Secure e-Commerce Service on your card. Repeat the operation for each card.

You can make up to 10 purchases without needing to access the app again or connecting online. Once you have used up all 10 purchase options, you will need to sign in to the app again to continue using Creand Wallet. 

To sign up to Online Banking, you need to be a Creand customer and have the channels contract. You can request the channels contract from your usual account manager or from your branch.  

Once you have the channels contract, you need to activate it through the Online Banking registration service. 

  1. Enter the complementary channels contract and the PIN. 
  2. Select the username and password and provide a contact mobile phone number. 
  3. Activate the signature device provided by your branch, either a coordinates card, Tokkō or Apptoken. 

With your selected username and password, you will be able to access Online Banking. 

First steps
Once you have registered, you will be able to access Online Banking to manage your personal finances. 

  1. Access Online Banking from the side banner. 
  2. Personalise your Online Banking. 
  3. Manage your personal finances from any mobile device, tablet or desktop. 

User management

Your username and password are personal and non-transferable. For your security, it is not possible to confirm any transactions without the specific information from the coordinates card or signature device: Tokko or Apptoken. 

Have you followed the correct steps and are having trouble accessing Online Banking? 

If after registering you cannot access Online Banking, please contact our Contact Center by calling +376 88 88 88 or emailing

You can make a transfer to any national or international account by following these steps: 

  1. Access the transaction from the “Accounts” section of the menu. 
  2. Select “Options” from your account and then “New transfer”. You can also access it from the “New transfer” section or through the “New transfer” button on the right-hand side. 
  3. To make a “New transfer”, you will need to select the payment account from which you want to make the transfer, the payer and the payee of the transfer. You will be able to choose whether you want to make the transfer between your accounts, to an account saved as favourite in your list or to other national or international accounts. Also enter the name of the payee, the transfer description, the amount you want to transfer and the currency of the transaction. Select whether the costs of the operation are to be borne by the payee or the payer, or whether they are to be shared. And lastly, if you want the transfer to be made on a recurring basis, select the frequency and from which date it will be effective. 
  4. On the confirmation screen, you can review and correct the transfer details. If the details are correct, complete the operation securely using the coordinates card or the signature device. 
  5. Once the operation is confirmed, you will be able to view a summary, add the transaction as a favourite to repeat it in the future or notify the payee via SMS or email. You will also be able to download a receipt of the transaction. 

If you want to ask us any questions or need more information, get in touch and we will help you.