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Easier collections and payments 

At Creand we want to give a major boost to all businesses, and this means offering more efficient ways to collect and pay. 

How can we help you?

We have the solutions you need for both your physical store and your internet space. Choose what you are looking for and we will help you. 

​​​Benefits of Creand’s POS 

The main advantages of having a POS are: 

  • You can accept payments from the usual cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). 
  • Immediate management of payments, streamlining transactions. 
  • You save on cash management costs. 
  • Different connection modes that adapt to the needs of every business. 
  • It allows all types of payment operations (pre-authorisations, sales, refunds, etc.). 
  • Multi-currency service so foreign customers can pay in their own currency. 
  • Quick and simple service registration. 


 Our experts are always available to help you. You can use any of the contact channels to request assistance from Creand’s team of professionals. 

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