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Safety tips

We give you tips on how to make online transactions without risk


Avoid logging on to public networks

Unusual wifi networks can pose a security threat. Wherever possible, and paying particular attention to data roaming charges, we advise you not to activate wifi. If you connect to a public wifi network, avoid using your login details.


Attention to suspicious e-mails

Phishing attempts are increasing. Therefore, do not lower your guard. When you check your email inbox, take a few seconds to think about it before replying to an alarming email or one that asks you to download an attachment or click on a suspicious link.


Have you received a suspicious and unexpected phone call? Hang up. 

Remember that Creand will never call you to ask for your online banking access details or to carry out any transactions. If you are contacted by someone claiming to be from Creand, do not give them any confidential information or carry out any transactions. Hang up and call the Client Service directly (Tel: +34 88 88 88) to confirm the origin of the call: fraud can be committed from phones that are identical to those used by banks. 

Daily Operational

Creand will never send you an SMS with a link.

Be wary of unexpected SMS messages with links or requests for data: SMS fraud attempts are on the rise. Never click on links you receive in an SMS or share your online banking passwords or card details. Ignore and delete them and, if in doubt, contact Creand directly on +34 88 88 88.


Keep your updates up to date

A program without updating is leaving an open door to vulnerabilities. Therefore, do all the system updates that you have pending and periodically review the new ones that are available.


Beware of popular apps

Another type of threat that is on the rise is that of fad apps. Cybercriminals take advantage of the popularity of some applications to bring to the market similar versions but which may contain malicious software. Some tips to detect possible frauds and malicious applications are to check user comments and ratings, give only the necessary permissions and download them from the official stores.


Make your purchases more secure

Use virtual cards for online shopping, such as Creand’s Cybertargeta, which you can create for free. In addition, set up alerts to receive an SMS every time a purchase is made with your cards.