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Investment experts

About Us

We help you to manage, protect and grow your wealth.

Our essence 

At Creand Crèdit Andorrà, we offer an international private banking service based on advice as a key principle. 

We meet our clients’ expectations with boutique services and the backing of our experience, leadership and knowledge of the international financial market.  

We combine the resources and capabilities of a large entity with an international presence to offer a quality service with a clear client focus. 

The foundation of our business is an unequivocal commitment to establishing a long-term relationship of trust with our clients. 


Investment experts 

We are experts in international private banking and asset management. We have a solid track record and more than seventy years of experience in managing our clients’ investments. 

We offer specialised products and services in custody, advisory, portfolio management and fund and SICAV management for: 

  • Individual investors 
  • Private banking or high-net-worth clients 
  • Newcomers 

Our service is based on an open architecture, specialised and flexible model. 

Thanks to the Group’s capabilities, we are present in Andorra, Spain, Luxembourg and the United States (Miami). 


At Creand, we have a team of professionals who have long-standing track records in private banking and we boast over 70 years of experience in wealth management. 

Bankers geared towards a culture of service and with the training and information necessary to offer quality, personalised advice.  

Our management model

We prioritise the preservation and protection of wealth by seeking stable short-term results that are profitable over time. 


Personalisation and flexibility 

We implement a management philosophy that is geared to adapt to complex market environments and the individual needs of each client. 


Wealth protection 

We follow rigorous methods of analysis and investment and apply prudent criteria when advising and making decisions with our clients.  


Specialised teams with multidisciplinary service 

With the banker as your sole point of contact, a team of specialists will be engaged in providing a clear and transparent response to all your asset management needs. 

Personalized Proposals

Results-based commission scheme 

We bring real value to our clients’ wealth by offering a results-based commission scheme. 

The robustness of a large group 

We are backed by over 70 years of experience in private banking 


Creand in figures  

Open Architecture

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Why Creand Crèdit Andorra

Number One

Over 70 years of experience in wealth management

With a commitment to service excellence, we work every day to continue to be a benchmark with solutions tailored to the needs of our clients and the expected objectives. 

Number Two

Specialised teams  

Committed and qualified professionals, specialised in the different areas that add value to the overall management of our clients’ assets.  

Number Three

Guided open architecture 

Access to a wide range of investment products and services, both proprietary and third party, from the domestic and international markets.  

Number Four


We encourage specialisation in products and services that seek to increase differentiation and generate value for each client’s assets.  

Number Five

Strategic partnerships to generate value 

We create and strengthen alliances with key and strategic partners to increase value generation and offer quality expertise. 

Number Six

Unique, adaptable and personalised management model  

We base our model on the preservation and protection of our clients’ wealth, with unique, stable and profitable investment solutions. 

Number Seven

Business digitalisation 

We drive the digitalisation of products and services, as well as of internal processes, offering our clients a user-friendly, expert, secure and pioneering banking service.  

Number Eight

Sustainability and social commitment 

We drive the digitalisation of products and services, as well as of internal processes, offering our clients a user-friendly, expert, secure and pioneering banking service.  

Number Nine

Strength of a large group with an international presence 

Robust, pioneering and leading financial group in Andorra and financial centres like Spain, Luxembourg, Miami (USA) , Mexico and Panama.  

Number Ten

Recognitions: Awards

We have received awards for our unequivocal commitment to our clients and our vocation to offer a special and personal service.