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Solucions especialitzades

Financial solutions

Everyone is unique, and so are their financial needs.  

Investment portfolio advice 

For investors who make their own investment decisions. On the basis of an individualised investment strategy, you will receive tailored investment recommendations on a recurring basis.  


Your investments under the guidance of specialists 

  • Investment advice tailored to your investment objectives, preferences and risk profile
  • Access to a network of qualified professionals. Your personal manager, together with your investment adviser, will provide you with investment recommendations that suit your situation 
  • Joint and regular review of your portfolio to optimise its performance.  

The client controls every investment decision 

  • You decide to accept of reject our investment proposals. We look for as many alternatives as necessary, with no limits whatsoever 
  • Agile operations, whether online, over the phone or through your account manager 
  • Access to the best funds and boutique managers through an open-architecture approach 

Investment instruments 

Investment vehicles 

If you are an investor or represent an institution with your own needs, we offer you the group’s capabilities to advise and plan your investment strategy by creating specific investment vehicles tailored to your expectations and specificities. 

We set up, administer, hold custody of and manage the vehicle. 

Discretionary portfolio management 

For clients who want to delegate their investments to specialists. Based on an individualised investment strategy, we manage your assets in accordance with your mandate. 


Your investments delegated to specialists 

  • We manage your assets in a personalised way, controlling the level of risk and your return expectations 
  • Access to a team of expert investment managers and our global team of specialists 
  • Investment in the best funds and boutique managers through an open-architecture approach 

Continuous information on your investments 

  • Your portfolio manager gives you regular updates on the performance of your portfolio and the investments you have made  
  • Continuous and comprehensive monitoring of your portfolio to ensure your investment policy and objectives are followed.  
  • Possibility to update your investment restrictions and limits based on market developments 

Order execution service 

For advanced investors who make their own decisions and require operational agility, a broad product universe and appropriate costs. You decide, we execute. 

We act as intermediaries in receiving and transmitting orders to give you access to all types of assets, investments and markets.

Our service is based on qualitytransparency and investor protection.  

We provide our clients with tools and services suited to their needs: operations online, via managers, etc.

  • An electronic banking service, so you can trade from anywhere in the world.
  • It lets you keep an eye on your account, movements and transactions with detailed information on your assets and investments.

  • Exclusivity for more sophisticated investors who trade in high volumes and often.
  • Telephone platform for the execution of buy and sell orders, with direct access to our brokers.
  • A fast, convenient and efficient service to suit your needs.
  • Get all the latest market information at all times.
  • Immediate execution of orders.
  • Personalised service in various languages. 
Stock Market

Access to all types of assets, investments and markets. 


Agile operations online, over the phone, via manager or desk 


Access to our Research blog and investment ideas 

Asset planning 

Investors who, due to their complexity, require a professional external adviser for all of their assets with a global vision on assets of different kinds. 


Access to our Research blog and investment ideas 


Agile operations online, over the phone or via manager 

Stock Market

Extensive and flexible universe of assets and funds 


Individualised plan for meetings and wealth and tax advisory. 


Custody service in the financial centres in which the Group has a presence 

Pension plans

Discover our range of plans that adapt to every stage of your life.