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Innovation Hub

Solving your business challenges through innovation.

Want to learn about innovative solutions for your company?

At Innovation Hub, we analyse many startups. These are young companies that harness new technologies to solve problems in an innovative way. We are convinced that some of their solutions can be very effective in advancing the growth and digital transformation of your company.

What does the Innovation Hub offer?

Our aim is to introduce you to startups that specifically solve your company’s challenges.


Identifying your business challenges effectively


Optimising networking and maximising your company’s opportunities to collaborate with startups


Introducing you to innovative solutions from startups


Generating growth opportunities for your company

How do we do it?

It’s very simple

We help you identify the challenges and needs of your company.

We give you regular updates about new startups that could be of interest to you.

For example:

  • Are you facing a communication challenge with your customers? We tell you about startups with customer relationship solutions.
  • Do you have a challenge to improve your accounting processes? We tell you about startups that automate processes with artificial intelligence.

If you want, we put you in touch with the startups so you can explore possible ways to work together. If you’d rather not, that is not a problem and we’ll keep looking.

The Innovation Hub is a free initiative, with no obligation and always with the utmost confidentiality we are known for.