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Managing collections and payments 

Keep your accounts clear and use different options for collections and payments. 

We offer you the best solutions 

We have the tools you need so you can have maximum clarity and control over the collections and payments of your business. 

What does your company need? 

Choose from our options to get a tailored solution. 

The easiest way to manage 

Access everything to ensure your needs are met. 



Process your national and international payments quickly and conveniently. 

Tax 3

Remittance generation services 

Maximum simplicity in managing regular payments and collections. 


Cheques and promissory notes 

We help you with issuing bank cheques and deferring payments. 



Creand’s service for managing supplier payments with a secure commitment. 


Quick loan

The financing your customers need, at any time. 

Online banking for any transaction 

Sign up for Creand’s Online Banking and download our app to perform your transactions and track your investments from anywhere you want. 


Check your account and card transactions. 


Make national and international transfers. 


Access all the market information with e-Broker. 

Wallet Money

Keep your investment products up to date with My Portfolio.

Download the Creand Online Banking app