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POS Standard

The classic POS that has been with us for decades. Its internet connection allows retailers to accept debit and credit card payments, making it ideal for businesses open to the public. 

How does the POS Standard work? 

The POS Standard connects to the internet and links to the store’s bank account. Every time you make a sale, enter the amount in the POS and charge the customer’s card. 

Benefits of the POS Standard 


Increase your sales by making it easier for your customers to pay with debit and credit cards from leading brands. 


Make all kinds of card transactions (sales, pre-authorisations, refunds, etc.). 


Save on cash management costs. Avoid differences in cashing up, coin and banknote exchanges. 


Make quick transactions with no call charges. 


Accept contactless or mobile payments, like our Creand Wallet. 


View and manage your operations from the POS itself and also through online banking. 


You and your customers will feel safe and secure 

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