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Cheques and promissory notes 

Process your payments quickly and conveniently by issuing bank cheques, or attach a personal cheque to your invoices. 

Invoice cheques and promissory notes

Any Andorran company can have this cheque guaranteed by and drawn on Creand for its customers, for an invoice associated with the cheque or promissory note. 

  • More control. Improved administration with invoices associated with the promissory note cheque.  
  • More cooperative. The issuance of invoice cheques and promissory notes can be personalised with your company logo. 

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Bank cheques

Use bank cheques to process your payments with the guarantee of Creand. 


Guaranteed payment to your suppliers.


The solvency and credibility of Creand, at the service of your customers to reinforce your commitments. 


The possibility to pay worldwide with Creand’s guarantee.

Any questions?

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