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Creand Temporary Disability 

Temporary Disability is sick leave insurance that guarantees the payment of a certain amount of compensation for the days the insured person cannot work due to an accident or illness. 

Features of Temporary Disability insurance 

Creand’s Temporary Disability insurance is ideal for people who are gainfully employed and are registered with the CASS as salaried insured persons. 

Zero excess for sick leave caused by work-related accident or occupational disease. 

With an excess of 2, 7, 15 or 30 days (to be chosen at the time the insurance is taken out) for sick leave due to common illness or non-occupational accident. 

Agility and speed in receiving all compensation payments. 

You will have access to our network of branches to send your medical discharge and sick leave documentation and medical bills. You will also be able to do so electronically by email to prestacions@

The maximum duration of the benefit is 12 months’ income supplement. 

Enjoy a 10% discount on the premium for the first 6 months by having your salary paid directly into Creand. 

Product taken out with CA Vida Assegurances, SA.

Not sure which insurance policy is best for you? 

Check our comparison table to choose the health insurance policy that best suits your needs. 

Benefits and waiting periods of Temporary Disability insurance 

Supplementary reimbursement cover of up to 90% of net salary (85% of gross salary declared to the CASS). 

Sick leave resulting from lumbalgia, dorsalgia and sciatica will be paid for a maximum of 15 days per year (calendar year running from 1 January to 31 December). 

For the death of the person insured with Temporary Disability insurance (between 18 and 65 years of age), the insurance pays compensation, depending on the insured capital, of up to €60,000. 

1 month or no waiting period if the customer taking out the product switches from another company and has already passed these waiting periods with an equivalent product from the previous company 

Any questions?

If you need answers to any questions or want more information, get in touch and we will help you. 

Product taken out with CA Vida Assegurances, SA.