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Payroll Account

The most complete Payroll Account with zero maintenance fees

Have your salary paid directly into your account and discover a world of unique advantages

With us, you’ll have countless solutions.

Wallet Money

Zero maintenance and administration fees.


Get your own VISA Electron card free for the first year.

Open Architecture

No subscription fee on your first purchase of a fund in the Active Allocation range.


No cancellation fee when you take out your Car Loan or Dream Project Loan.


Get the medical directory free when you take out PIAM Health Insurance.


Get a free VIA-T device and forget about tolls.

Do you want more?

With your Payroll Account, you will also be able to:


10% discount on our insurance for 6 months.

Online Payment

Creand Online Banking on any device.


Creand Life Provision free for the first year when you take out Creand Health or Creand Health Plus insurance.

See all the details of the Payroll Account

  • To take advantage of each offer, the customer must have their salary deposited or paid into the bank by direct debit at the time of contracting each of the products.
  • Free card for the first year only available for new salaries (those that have not been paid into the bank during the last 12 months, consecutive or otherwise).
  • The insurance products (health, life and temporary disability) are products taken out with CA Vida Assegurances, S.A. 

For more information, view the terms and conditions here

  • Health: Creand PIAM, Creand Health, Creand Health Plus and Creand Hospitalisation.
  • Life: Creand Life Capital, Creand Life Provision and Creand Life Comprehensive.
  • Temporary Disability: Creand Temporary Disability

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