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life insurance

Creand Life Consumer Financing 

Creand Life Consumer Financing is a life insurance policy which, in the event of the death or total and permanent disability of the insured person, pays compensation to the beneficiaries equivalent to the debts (credits, loans, etc.) that the insured person has in bank accounts with Creand Crèdit Andorrà at the time of the claim.

Product taken out with CA Vida Assegurances, SA

Features of Life Consumer Financing 

With this insurance, you will have the peace of mind of not leaving behind any debt that could jeopardise the future of your loved ones.

Wallet Money

Insured capital 

The capital insured is equivalent to the debit balance of the insured person’s accounts with the bank.


Total peace of mind 

The insurance guarantees that your closest family members will not have to bear the burden of your debts.

Life Consumer Financing Benefits 

The maximum capital that can be insured is equivalent to a debit balance of up to €1,200,000.

The cost of the premium is proportionate to the debit balance insured, so the premium decreases as the loan is repaid.

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