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SEPA y SWIFT Transfers

At Creand, we offer national and international payments through quick and easy transfers, with no complications. 

Why open an account with Creand? 

We offer you a trusted service for making transfers conveniently and avoiding unnecessary complications.



Simple national and international payments. 


More convenient

Make all your payments from anywhere with our online banking.



SEPA transfers are credited within a maximum of one working day after the date sent.

What are SEPA Transfers?

SEPA transfers are a simple and standardised way to make transfers within a single geographical area. To use SEPA transfers, you must always provide the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) when making payments or collections. 


Amount and currency 

No limit on the amount (except for receiving instant transfers, which have a limit of €500 per transactions) and in euros. 

Document Alt

Description and References 

You can use up to 140 characters to fill in the transaction description and reference fields.



SEPA credit transfers are credited no later than one working day after the date of issue. 

Learn about SEPA file formats

During a transition period, it is possible to use both the ABA format and the new SEPA formats at the same time. 

SWIFT and BIC codes 

Do you know Creand’s SWIFT or BIC code? 

The SWIFT or BIC code is a series of 8 to 11 alphanumerical characters that identify the receiving bank in an international transfer. 

These codes increase security, eliminate errors, reduce wait times and avoid additional costs.  

For Creand, the BIC or SWIFT code is CRDAADADXXX. 

Any questions?

If you have any questions or want more information, get in touch and we will help you.