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Documentary Credits 

Secure the collection and payment of your company’s international operations in the major currencies. 

The granting of a guarantee is subject to the bank’s risk criteria. 

Quick and efficient management 


Greater security in international commercial transactions. 


If you sell by means of a documentary credit, you will have the guarantee of collection if you comply with the established conditions and deadlines. 


If you buy by means of a documentary credit, you can be sure that the conditions and deadlines that you have agreed and that are stated in the documentation will be met. 

How do Documentary Credits work? 

Documentary credits work with recommendations for the purchase and sale of funds, to help you make the most of your capital in a personalised way.  


Negotiation and agreement 

Buyers and sellers negotiate to reach an agreement and set out the terms of the transaction. 



The documentary credit is opened including the conditions agreed in the documentation. 


Management and monitoring

The buyer’s and seller’s banks act as intermediaries, reviewing the documentation for possible discrepancies with the terms agreed in the negotiation. 

Any questions?

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