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International Confirming

Advance the payment of invoices to your suppliers with a service that manages payments to your international suppliers and guarantees payment on your behalf.

*Granting is subject to the bank’s risk criteria.

Features of International Confirming Service

Discover the benefits of a service designed for companies that make large payments to international suppliers on a regular basis. 

  • Solid and reliable reputation with suppliers. 
  • Save on the costs of issuing promissory notes and cheques and handling bills of exchange. 
  • Avoid incidents arising from the direct debits of bills. 
  • Control over the payment initiative. 
  • Lower administrative costs. 
  • A tool for negotiating with international suppliers. 
  • Possibility of collecting a rebate for invoice payments that suppliers request in advance. 

Benefits of International Confirming 

Cyber Card

Order the payment of your invoices easily through our online banking.

Document Alt

We inform your suppliers of the details of the outstanding invoices and their due dates. 


Possibility for your suppliers to collect the amount of the invoices in advance (optional). 

You suppliers will also get benefits 


They will collect invoices in cash, with discounted interest and fees, eliminating the risk of non-payment. 


They will benefit from an unlimited line of credit, without consuming their own risk. 


Cost savings and streamlining of administrative and collection procedures. 


They will have a useful tool for managing cash flow. 

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