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Student Loan 

We help you finance the cost of your education and expenses, so all you need to worry about is learning.  

Benefits of the Student Loan 


Loan of up to €10,000 per year and academic year. 


Annual renewal for a maximum period of 4 years. 


Bank-subsidised interest rate. 


Flexibility in negotiating credit amounts and terms depending on the degree, institution or country of study. 


For the duration of your studies, you will only pay interest on the amount you have drawn down. 

Wallet Money

At the end of your studies, you have up to 4 years to repay the money through a loan with a preferential interest rate. 

In addition, if you do not immediately enter the labour market, you can opt for a one-year grace period before repaying the money. 

The granting of a loan is subject to the bank’s risk criteria.

Any questions?

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