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Andorra University Loan 

If you are a student and you want to finance your education, don’t think twice about applying for our Andorra University Loan, in collaboration with the University of Andorra. 

Benefits of the Andorra University Loan 

A loan designed to meet all immediate university expenses. 


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Financing of up to €2,000 with a maximum repayment term of 12 months.

Interest rate


This loan is offered at the annual Euribor interest rate of +3,75%​​
( APR: 8,10% ).

No fees


For valuation or cancellation. 



Maximum agility in the granting and processing of the loan. 

The granting of a loan is subject to the bank’s risk criteria.

You must have recurrent income in a Creand account, personal, family or other guarantees. APR calculation for €2000 repaid over 12 months. ​​The Euribor of July 31, 2023 is applied.

Any questions?

If you need answers to any questions or want more information, get in touch and we will help you.