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Visa Premier card

A credit card that lets you enjoy privileges with maximum convenience and security.

The granting of a card is subject to the bank’s risk criteria

Benefits of the Visa Premier card


Free anti-fraud alert service

With Creand’s SMS service, you will get an alert on your mobile every time a purchase of over €100 is made.

Money Out

Cash deposits and withdrawals

Use any of our terminals to deposit or withdraw money whenever you need to.


Discounts perfect for you

Help others while enjoying wonderful benefits.

Features of the Visa Premier card


Don’t pay until the end of the month

Buy with the knowledge that you will be charged at the end of the month, allowing you to plan your spending.


Anti-fraud chip

These cards are equipped with a chip that reduces the chances of fraud or counterfeiting.

Wallet Money

Adjustable limits

You have a daily limit of €1,500 and a monthly limit of €3,000 by default, and you can modify the limit according to your needs


Creand Wallet 

Pay at any establishment just using your mobile phone. Download our Android app.

Feel safe with Creand cards

Buy Online

Shop online securely

With our secure e-commerce system, you will always be protected


Travel with peace of mind

With the best travel assistance cover for you to enjoy the experience


Life insurance with accidents supplement

Covering accidents resulting in death or disability while using public transport



You will be insured anywhere in the world

Make the most of these discounts

Any questions?

In the event of loss or theft of your card, call +376 888 888 straight away. To cancel it, go to any Creand branch and report the theft to the police.

If you need travel assistance due to illness, accident or robbery at an ATM, contact us on +34 934 858 516 as soon as possible, and we’ll explain what steps to take.