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Temporary Worker Special Account

The account you will need when you come to work temporarily in Andorra.

The easiest way to work temporarily in Andorra

We at Creand want to make your stay easy.


You will get a Visa Electron card so you can control your spending.


Make unlimited transfers between accounts in Andorra and abroad.


View your current account transaction statement.

Do you want more?

With your current account, you will also be able to:

Open Architecture

Keep on top of your finances from anywhere and at any time with our online banking.

Money Out

Deposit or withdraw cash from any terminal or cash machine in our network, at no cost.


Enjoy exclusive discounts.

See all the details of the Temporary Worker Account

What do you need to open this account?

Number One

Passport or valid identity document.

Number Two

Work permit.

Number Three

Copy of the employment agreement or employment certificate issued by the contracting company.

Number Four

Copy of the rental agreement for your home.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or want more information, get in touch and we will help you.